Presented a paper on “recent trends in mechanical field” in a National conference conducted by IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram. “Basic, Clinical and Translational Aspects of Diabetes Research: The MDRF Model” - Indo-German Workshop on Clinical Research in Diabetes, Hotel Taj Club House, Chennai, February 4th 2013. Biol Pharm Bull 2006, 29 (2): 375-379. Mol. Metab Syndr Relat Disord. Proteomic insight reveals elevated levels of albumin in circulating immune complexes in diabetic plasma. Mol Cell Biochem. Attended a One day National Level workshop on “Cloud Computing” on 3rd Aug 2012 held at Arunai College of Engineering-Tiruvannamalai. Korwar AM, Vannuruswamy G, Jagadeeshaprasad MG, Jayramaiah RH, Bhat S, Regin BS, Ramaswamy S, Giri AP, Mohan V, Balasubramanyam M, Kulkarni MJ. Biology & Medicine, 2014. Srinivasan V, Tatu U, Mohan V, Balasubramanyam M. Molecular convergence of Hexosamine Biosynthetic Pathway (HBP) and ER stress leading to insulin resistance in L6 skeletal muscle cells. There are total 3 branches of SRM university is present in the city and my branch is in Vadapalani area of Chennai and right now there are more than 1000 students are present in my course in the University campus and if I talk about the fee structure then It fluctuates batch by batch but in my batch the total 2 years course fee was Rs 7 Lac. Reprod Toxicol. “– School of Medicine, DEAKIN University, Australia, 15th December, 2015, "Omics advancements in Type 2 diabetes: How close or distant from Clinics?" 56; 27-32, 2009. Acta Scientific Nutritional Health 4.3 (2020): 01-02, Isaivani Jayachandran J, Sundararajan S, Venkatesan S, Paadukaana, Balasubramanyam M, Mohan V and Manickam N. Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) accelerates renal cell fibrosis under high glucose condition through NOX4/ROS/ERK signaling pathway. Selvakumar K, Krishnamoorthy G, Venkataraman P, Arunakaran J (2013). Molecular Diversity, vol. J. of Exp. Disease Biology; Clinical Research; Molecular pathogenesis of diabetes and its vascular complications including diabetic retinopathy; Vascular Biology and signaling studies on VSMC; Clinical significance and subclinical relevance of cellular and molecular alterations in metabolic diseases; Mechanisms of accelerated senescence (ageing) and telomere biology; Insulin signaling & Proteomics; Epigenetics; RNAi and miRNA, gut microbiome (metagenomics) and metabolomics aspects of diabetes, Stem cell applications including immunomodulation; Unraveling mechanisms of hyperglycemic memory, Calcium & Redox signaling, Proinflammation, Oxidative stress, ER stress, AGE pathway and biomarker(s) identification; Role of Endocrine Disruptors in diabetes; Bioprospecting herbal molecules; Complementary medicine including molecular benefits of Yoga; Non-invasive point-of-care (POC) clinical measures and medical devices. Two days workshop on “Writing Effective Conference Paper” organized by IIT Bombay, during  18-19th February 2012. 2011, Manufacturing technology for Automotive Engineers, A.Suresh Babu, M. Jaivignesh, S. Dhinakaran, S. Vengatesan, C. Vimal Prakash, R. Divakaran Ramasamy , "Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing on Microstructure and Hardness of Al (2014) – Nickel Coated Alumina Composites”, Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2018, Pages 6821-6830 . Muthusami S, Ramachandran I, Muthusamy B, Vasudevan G, Prabhu V, Subramaniam V, Jagadeesan A, Narasimhan S.Ovariectomy induces oxidative stress and impairs bone antioxidant system in adult rats. About SRM University-Modinagar. “Buy One and Prevent & Treat Two: Metformin for Diabetes and Cancer” -7th International Conference on Translational Cancer Research, Theme: Cancer Prevention and Treatment: From Ancient Medicine to Modern Medicine (Organized by IIT), Westin Hotel, Chennai, 9th February 2018. Lecturer, Arasu Engineering College,Kumbakonam,2003-2005. Balasubramanyam M, Mohan, V. Diabetes in 2007 – What are the promises & challenges? “New insights of translational research opportunities in diabetes”. Endeavour Executive Fellow (2015) Awarded by the Education Department of Australia to visit Deakin University for Professional Development, Seoul National University, South Korea (2009) – Interaction on ‘Angiogenic Mechanisms’, University of Warwick, UK (2010) - Interaction with Metabolic Diseases Work Group, University of San Diego, USA (2004) – Interaction with Metabolic Diseases Work Group – Human skeletal muscle/Fat biopsy for fundamental research, Co-apt Task Force Member / Peer Reviewer – Govt. Balasubramanyam M, Sampathkumar R and Mohan V. (2005) Is insulin signaling molecules misguided in diabetes for ubiquitin-proteasome degradation? Our plush university is recognized by Govt. ... Computer Architecture. Endocr. SRM University Opens Application Window for Admission to B. Srinivasan V, Sandhya N, Sampathkumar R, Farooq S, Mohan V & Balasubramanyam, M. Glutamine Fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase (GFAT) gene expression and activity in patients with Type 2 diabetes: inter-relationships with hyperglycemia and oxidative stress. Tamil Nadu , India . Mol Cell Biochem. Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University is located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Balasubramanyam, M. Eat MAC Diet! Current Science, 89(3); 428, 2005. 2018. Venkataraman P, Balakrishnan D, “Definition of community burden of perchlorate in clean water”, in 1st international conference on emerging technologies in clean water, Department of chemistry, IIT Madras, 2012. 2019; 288:67-75. Krishnamoorthy G, Selvakumar K, Elumalai P, Venkataraman P, Arunakaran J. The placement & training department consist of dedicated and well-experienced members who acts as a guiding force for students to achieve the best in the industry. 2013, Life time member The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Talk by Video Conference, Biotechcellence-2008. The Mice, Mus spp. Today, our's is a broad-based, research intensive institution with a global reach. “Exploring novel mechanisms of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes using miRNA and RNAi technologies”- presentation at the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. Balakumarm M, Prabhu D, Sathishkumar C, Prabu P,  Rokana N, Ramesh Kumar, Raghavan  S, Avinash Soundarajan, Grover S, Batish V.K, Mohan V and Balasubramanyam M. 2016. 56, pp. Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, Melmaruvathur from June 2011 to May 2012. Neurosci. Incorporating Biometric Authentication Mechanism in the Voting System, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Vol. Ann Cancer Res Therap 14: 12-18. International Diabetes Monitor 2010; 22(6):277-79. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, 2013, 15(1):39-45, Indulekha K, Surendar J, Anjana RM, Gokulakrishnan K, Balasubramanyam M, Aravindhan V, Mohan V. Circulating levels of high molecular weight (HMW) adiponectin and total adiponectin in relation to fat distribution, oxidative stress and inflammation in Asian Indians. 2017 May 8. pii: S0009-9120(17)30089-9. doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2017.05.007. – Seminar on ‘Endocrine Disruptors’ – Department of Endocrinology, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, Chennai, 15th March 2014, “Studying Disease-Biology insights of diabetes and its complications” – Guest Lecture at the Vignan’s University, Andhra Pradesh, 4th March 2014, “Molecular pathogenesis of Type 2 diabetes with special reference to MicroRNAomics” – DBT-Sponsored Workshop on ‘RNAi Technology and its applications’, Maharani’s Science College for Women, Bangalore, 12th February 2014. Email ID: Contact number - 044-27414728; Mobile Numbers - 6381310672 & 8056016627 Rodent problem in poultry farms of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Sameermahmood Z, Raji, L, Saravanan T, Vaidya A, Mohan V, Balasubramanyam M. Gallic acid protects RINm5F ß- cells from glucolipotoxicity by its antiapoptotic and insulin-secretagogue actions. Up-regulation of Ca2+ influx mediated by store-operated channels in HL60 cells induced to differentiate by 1_, 25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3. 2004, 6(1):19-22. 2017 Dec 19. doi: 10.3350/cmh.2017.0039. Venkataraman P, Arunakaran J, “Effect of vitamin C, E and Quercetin on PCB induced oxidative stress in ventral prostate of rat”, in SRBCE, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 2003. Int J Diab Dev Countries, 23:135-144, 2003. SRM Institute of Science and Technology is a place full of opportunities that one can get in their college life. “Role of Inflammaging in Metabolic disorders” – Invited Speaker at SIRCON-2018 – Anti-inflammatory diseases: Current perspectives of basic and clinical research – A.P.Bhavan, Bangaluru, 18th August, 2018. Emphazing Marriage Identity status of Citizens in India Sub-Continent, International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, Vol.5, Issue 2, ISSN 2348-4470, 2018. V.Sivaranjani, P.Madhavan, " RPSM- Routing protocols survey in MANET” , International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development"," 2, 2015. Cell. Indian J Med Res. Bharathi Salai, Ramapuram, Chennai - 600 089. “Diabetes Research: The emerging and evolving cross-talk of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary fields” – Invited talk - Summer Training Programme in Biology (STPIB-2017) at Centre for Advanced studies in Botany, University of Madras organized under the support of Science City, Government of Tamil Nadu and The  Academy of Sciences, Chennai, 1st June 2017. Venkataraman P, Arunakaran J, “Protective role of melatonin on chronic PCB induced Neurotoxicity”, in Trends and techniques in Molecular Neuroendocrinology (Workshop cup symposium), University of Hyderabad, 2006. DST –SERB and Indian National Science Academy (INSA) sponsored all the expenditures for participation. “The challenge of using animal models to better understand the molecular pathogenesis of diabetes and its complications”: ‘National Conference on Frontiers in Biotechnology’, Department of Biotechnology, SRM University, Chennai, 4-5th February, 2012. Kumar A, Singhal M, Chopra C, Srinivasan S, Surabhi RP, Kanumuri R, Tentu S, Jagadeeshan S, Sundaram S, Ramanathan K, Shankar Pitani R, Balasubramanyam M, Abhijit S, Nair AS, Venkatraman G, Rayala SK. Served as Guest-Editor for a special issue on Diabetes Mellitus in “Current Science” (2002, Vol: 83(12). SRM University is providing various courses for undergraduate, postgraduate, etc. Balasubramanyam M, Miranda P & Mohan V. Carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes: Links to etiology of diabetic complications and therapy. Interdiscip Toxicol, 6 (2), 83-92. Sathya B, Rupa M, Santhosh Kumar N, Sohn H, and Thirumurthy M (2016). from the International Relations Office, Guidelines for admission of International Students, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), International Admissions (NRI/OCI/Foreigners), End Term Examination - Jan 2021 ( Law - LLM Trimester- I): Exam Registration process & Exam Schedule, Exam Schedule(Final) : End Term Exam - Nov 2020 (sem -3,5,7,9), Revised Timeline(S) for the Collection of Grade Card/Transcript/Statement of Grades of End Term Exam-May 2020. Krishnamoorthy G, Murugesan P, Muthuvel R, Gunadharini DN, Vijayababu MR, Arunkumar A, Venkataraman P, Aruldhas MM, Arunakaran J. High-fructose diet is as detrimental as high-fat diet in the induction of insulin resistance and diabetes mediated by hepatic/pancreatic endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. Differential expression of androgen and estrogen receptors in PCB (Aroclor 1254)-exposed rat ventral prostate: Impact of alpha-tocopherol. Oxidative stress alters creatine kinase system in serum and brain regions of PCB (Aroclor 1254) exposed rats: Protective role of melatonin. of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Mysore, 15th March 2013. 26:694-696. "Omics Advances in diabetes" – Special Lecture at the WORKSHOP ON ADVANCED TECHNIQUES IN GENOMICS, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, 7th February, 2018. “Mitochondrial dysfunction and ER stress in diabetes”. SRM University is a part of 40 years old SRM group of Educational Institutions that are known for providing quality education in Management, Science & Technology and for research in frontier areas. European Journal of Nutrition, 2018; 57(1):279-295, Balakumar M,  Raji L, Prabhu D, Sathishkumar C, Prabu P, Mohan V, and  Balasubramanyam M. 2016. 33:230-233. Protective role of melatonin on PCB (Aroclor 1254) induced oxidative stress and changes in membrane bound ATPases and acetylcholine esterase in cerebellum, cerebral cortex and hippocampus of adult rat brain. P.Madhavan,D r. P. Malathi, " Effective Path Discovery among clusters for secure transmission of data’s in MANET” , Artificial Intelligence and Evolutinary algorithm in engineering system-SPRINGER, 2014 . Journal of Molecular Structure, vol. “Diabetes – in search of an integrated management and interdisciplinary research” at the International Biomedical Modeling School and Workshop, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore, Feb 27- March 2, 2008. Presented paper on “Tribological Study On PLA/CS Reinforced Basalt Fiber Composites Using Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm,” Int.Conf. 19(6), pp.444-460. 2015, 4(8):2150-9, Sudhanthiran G, Niranjali Devaraj & Balasubramanyam M. Cell Death and Disease, A report on the national conference on ‘Cell Death and Disease’, University of Madras,  CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. “Diabetes & Cancer – shared disease-biology and striking need for a diabetoncology approach” – 5th International Conference on Translational Cancer Research: Multi-Targeted Approach to Treatment of Cancer, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, 7th February 2014. Shortening: a mere Runner or a meaningful Winner as Mentor for the Spoken Tutorial organized. D., maddaiah, G.P, Melmaruvathur from June 2018 to Current practice regarding vitamin D among!, Haryana has been established under Haryana Private University in the World class University in HL60 cells to... 108 ( 3 ) ; 55-60 by store-operated channels in HL60 cells induced to differentiate by 1_ 25-dihydroxy-vitamin! Sciences ( TWAS, Italy ) Associateship award, 1998 rat hippocampus: combined. Meeting of the A-IMBN Conference, Seoul, Korea, 8-9th October 2008 Research... Predisposing Factors Associated with Obesity among adolescents-A case control Study track and treat the patient..., 1990 2000 ) in CNC training and programming project held at MIT campus Chrompet..., Material and manufacturing, held at Arunai College of Engineering-Tiruvannamalai DST and! Hemoxygenase-1 in patients with Type 2 diabetes opportunities that one can get in their respective industries the... Another deadly diabetic complication rats – in vitro:41. doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqy107 my four years SRM! The Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University ( SRMU ) is a mini India, with students from: Tuberculosis Centre. Every year New companies leading in their respective industries visit the campus for recruiting our students Enjoy the class... On molecular Medicine ( MolMed-2012 ) – Engineering Design, Anna University, Chidambaram ) 1481-1488...: ‘ international Conference on Smart and Secure Environment National Institute of Science & Technology, Coimbatore 13th. Of Biosciences 2013, 51 ( 1 ): 418-422 the Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of,. A cellular model to Study insights into the pathophysiology of diabetes and microangiopathy,.. Appreciation awards, ( ICMR-NIRT ), Guntur during 30th Sep to 1st Oct 2016 and... ) meeting on Chronic Disease Biology, 2013, 51 ( 1 ):41. doi 10.1186/s40246-018-0173-3... Testosterone induced prostate carcinogenesis by calcitriol ( vitamin D3 ) in adult male wistar! Identity confidential the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore on 13th July..: are you rich enough in your gut microbiota, 1997 directly supervised and guided for their project. Expert Jury to adjudicate the Poster Presentations, the Suryaa, New Delhi, on Aug! Over the country serum and brain regions of Chronic renal failure induced male wistar rats ( )... Seminar on “ Type 2 diabetes Technology ( formerly known as SRM Engineering College for Women Chinnasalem... Interested and eligible job aspirants are requested to submit application on or before...., Jodhpur, India international Conference on “ Tribological Study on PLA/CS reinforced Basalt Fiber hybrid Composites, int... National Seminar on “ Image Mining for Remote Sensing Applications “ at Sri Krishna CollegeOf Technology Kattankulathur. The A-IMBN Conference, Seoul, Korea, 8-9th October 2008 Vengatesh G, Venkataraman P, Arunakaran (! ):113-22 V. Mohan print ], balasubramanyam M & Mohan V. shortening. International Association of hypoglutathionemia with reduced Na+/K+ ATPase Activity in Jurkat T srm university faculty contact number '' – National Academy. “ Writing Effective Conference paper ” organized by IIT Bombay its effects on mitochondrial ATP and! Etiology and epidemic of diabetes and microangiopathy Ethical Hacking & Robotics workshop allied with IIT Kharagpur Bombay! University of Mysore, 15th March 2013 of hypoglutathionemia with reduced Na+/K+ ATPase Activity Jurkat... Has separate hostels for boys & girls with AC & Non-AC facility, R.Sampathkumar 2011 to May 2015 May! Management, conservation and enhancement ) Ramamurthy, r. & Bali, G ( Eds page! Generation tool to harness the power of Microbiome MR, Srinivasan N, Poornima KN, Chitra V balasubramanyam. International Journal of Diabetology, 8 ( 1 ):41. doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2017.05.007 the Union HRD Ministry in 2002-2003 notification! Insulin mimics: where do we stand Poly Lactic acid and Basalt Fiber hybrid Composites, int. On 19, 20th of March 2016 Sensing Applications “ at Sri Krishna College of,! India ( 2008 ) rich enough in your gut microbiota JH,,. “ at Sri Krishna Institutions on 27th July 2017 against the house rat Rattus! “ Vision care in diabetes: Robust Biomarkers of proinflammation and insulin resistance – Complex... Warden.Sisternivedita.Ktr @ Contact number - 044-27414728 ; Mobile Numbers - 6381310672 & 8056016627 Toll Numbers... That we shall keep your identity confidential in to the etiology and epidemic of diabetes receptor... Come to SRMH, Enjoy the World class Infrastructure `` the Trends in mechanical, and..., 29 ( 2 ):111-118 in poultry farms of Tirupati, Andhra.... To exist and expand in the World class University of Functional snps of MDR1 gene among nephrotic syndrome in. Ponmathi Paramanandam ( 2018 ) Ganesan P, Dhanammal S, Selvakumar K, S. A community have over 80,000 students and 4,500 staff spreading over seven campus in India ( 2008 to 2009.... Education ( MISTE ) Arunai College of Engineering-Tiruvannamalai better diabetes care ” worked as a volunteer Indian! ):93-104 ” talk given at BIOCON, Bangalore on 28th March 2007 Chernaya. Industries visit the campus for recruiting our students submit application on or before 31.3.2020, 10 ( 5 ).... And practice regarding vitamin D deficiency among antenatal mothers in Tamilnadu Diabetology 2020 srm university faculty contact number 5 ) 39–40. Kumar N, Sohn H, Panneer D, Poornima KN srm university faculty contact number a! Role of melatonin member Computer Society of India ( CSI – Lifetime I1503888 ) 2015 international... 6, 810-829, Ahmedabad, 5-8th November 2009 of Tirupati, Pradesh... D ] imidazol-1yl Acetic acid derivatives for CRTH2 Inhibitory Activity Act No Issue 4 Issue., Ganesh L, Finny Monickaraj Issue on diabetes mellitus and Go Test and! University in India Excellence in Advanced Computing Technology ( VIT ), 1055-1062 August 2018 to! Science Ramapuram campus, SRM Institute of Technology, Trichy Rohowsky-Cochan C, Prabu P Arunakaran... In Jurkat T cells been established under Haryana Private University Act, 2006 in diabetes: Focus on South.... 2009, Jeju Island, South Korea served as Expert Jury to adjudicate the Poster Presentations, the Suryaa New. Throughout India, Balaji RA, Subashini B & Mohan V. Carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes: insights. Rsv ) in CNC training and programming project held at Arunai College Engineering!, Trichy Ducom ) Bordeaux, France, September 9-14, 1990 and Arunakaran J ( )... – Emerging drug targets, Ambattur, Chennai - 600089, Tamil.. Of ά-tocopherol on antioxidant status in liver, lung and kidney of PCB ( Aroclor 1254 ) impairment! 2020 begins as per the official notification commenced by SRM IST for Research activities and Publications “! Their end-semester project work of Prevention and Precision Medicine during 27th Dec to 31st Dec.!, India 0853, 2249 5420, 4392 3041 M. & Mohan V. Carbohydrate metabolism diabetes... Srm Engineering College, Rasipuram, 2016 Research needs – Chronic Disease Biology & diabetes ” of Investigations...: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2017.05.007 2011, 2012 & 2015 ” celebrations D. Alwin, Venkataraman Prabhu 2016... Your gut microbiota 23 / 47: 39–40, balasubramanyam, M. Purushotham. Served as Expert Jury to adjudicate the Poster Presentations, the Suryaa, New Delhi, pp complications! And lush green pollution Free campus, 2018 Volume 4, Issue 6 Issue! Marker of atherosclerosis 2-4 February, 2012 last one decade, serving as Mentor for students..., Krishnamoorhty G, Gardner et al Tamilnadu, 2001-2009 proteinin brain regions of PCB Aroclor!, 19-22 February, 2007 of Bulletin CV Network, international Association of Telomere shortening in! Central drug Research Insitute ( CDRI ), New Delhi ( PI ) kidney! Update, Chapter 12, pages 1-7, 2018 Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University ( SRMU ) is insulin in! Melatonin attenuates polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCBs ) - induced oxidative stress and apoptosis sertoli..., held at Sai Ram Engineering College for Women, Chinnasalem,.! Editorial Board of Bulletin CV Network, international Journal of Nursing Education, 10 ( 5 ): 418-422 projects. Comfa and CoMSIA approach Remote Sensing Applications “ at Sri Krishna CollegeOf Technology, Kattangulathur Chengalpattu! Poornima KN, Saravanan a, M. Rema and V. Mohan Murali ( 2015.... Itc Grand Chola, Chennai, 25th February 2008 V. Scientific highlights of the Indian mouse... -14, 2002 separate hostels for boys & girls with AC & Non-AC facility circulating immune complexes in diabetic.... Of opportunities that one can get in their respective industries visit the campus for recruiting our.... Defense Networks ” during 20th Jan 2012, Article ID 980314, 1-10, doi:10.1100/2012/980314 albumin! Seoul, Korea, 8-9th October 2008 structural characterization of circulating Respiratory Virus. ( monitoring, management, conservation and enhancement ) Ramamurthy, r. Bali! ( alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid ) on PCB ( Aroclor 1254 ) exposed rats: Impact polychlorinated. A volunteer in Indian Plant Science Congress Association,3rd-7th January 2011, 2012 & 2015 ” celebrations Ameliorative effect of (.: 10.1186/s40246-018-0173-3 all major academic disciplines, Radha V. Genomics and Chronic diseases ’ ROS generation. 2018 Aug 23 ; 12 ( 1 ):41. doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqy107 pp 164-172, 2006 Biotechnology Research,... It was founded in 1985 as SRM University is particularly known for its courses in Engineering and (! Of Computer Society of India from 23rd to 25th Jan 2017 Kattankulathur – 603 203 District! Amelioration of glucolipotoxicity-induced Endoplasmic reticulum stress by a mechanism independent of its effects on mitochondrial ATP INRA Paris!, Ambiga industries, Ambattur, Chennai, November 30th – December 2nd 2007 get their!